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Heart of a Sufi Cover


Heart of a Sufi was written as a celebration of Murshid Fazal’s life. It comprises writings by some of the people whose lives he touched, directly or indirectly; contributors of diverse nationality, age and background.

This book is neither a biography of Fazal Inayat-Khan nor an analysis of his work. It is a spontaneous response by his friends to a scent of truth that lingers wherever they turn, and the seed of longing for the ontowards he placed in the hearts of all he met, a wavelength travelling on.

Fazal was a mystic whose very presence shocked one awake. He had access to extraordinary intuition and inspired with his interest in everything. When asked about his Sufi teaching, he would describe it as: experiential, inclusive and non-definitive.

Heart of a Sufi gives thanks to a brilliant teacher and offers a flavour of a contemporary Sufi approach to life combining love, intensity, concord, discord, innovation and a strong inner Zikr – remembrance of the divine in us – to guide onwards, within, to the Real.